Customer Testimonials

We  could not be happier with the job RAR did for us and our building. He was there  every day and listened to us whenever we needed a change made or had a new idea.  In what should have been a very tedious process, he made it both very smooth and  very enjoyable. We can't thank Rick enough for the beautiful building we have or  for the professionalism he conveyed throughout the process.

Thanks so  much. Sincerely,   
Dr. Jeremiah Mahoney Flagler  Dental Associates  
Stone  Plus, Inc. We  contracted Richard A. Ruebel General Contractor,Inc. upon the recommendation of  our draftsman and our engineer.  The  scope of our project included moving our sales office and expanding our size  within the same building.  Replacing  all paved surfaces and tripling their size (resulting in over one acre of  concrete).  This project had to be  completed while we were open and operating at peak capacity with little or no  interruption to our daily operations.  I cannot imagine a more seamless, efficient and well organized schedule  of construction that ended on time and as designed (including all on the spot  change orders with crews leaning on shovels waiting on answers that contractors  love so much).  The benefit of a  General Contractor  who wears  brogans instead of wing tips was apparent, in the respect shown by  subcontractors and the respect gained by all of us here at Stone  Plus. Thanks  Rick!! 

​Jed  Gardner, PresidentStone  Plus, Inc. 
Southern Bell 6451 N. Federal Highway, Room 822Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
​To whom this may concern:This letter is to inform you that Mr. Richard Ruebel has been performing general contracting work under the name Richard A. Ruebel General Contractor, Inc. for Southern Bell for the past fifteen (15) years.His work has been satisfactory and has met the specifications, plans and directives of Southern Bell. We will continue to keep him on our list of preferred bidders.

Felix A. Lugo,Jr.ManagerBuilding Design & Construction
​To whom this may concern:Mr. Richard Ruebel is knowledgeable and professional at all times, and develops a wonderful rapport with workers and clients alike.Mr. Ruebel was hired as a construction manager for our 22,000 square foot department store, which was being added to a shopping plaza in Boca Raton, Florida. This project had an accelerated schedule of sixty-three (63) days. If the project had not been completed within that time frame, the Owner would have lost the tenant's lease option. Obviously, with this much at stake, the developer was very concerned about who ran the project. The project was completed on time, using the scheduling done entirely by Richard

.Larry L. Wilson
 Rick Ruebel was truly the best building contractor we ever had the pleasure of working with. He built our dream home in Halifax Plantation in 1999. He is well-respected by all his clients, subcontractors and suppliers. People who know him only have goods things to say about him. He is conscientious, demands perfection, is on the job site every day, and is always available to discuss concerns, changes. After building our home Rick and his wife Yvette became friends and remain very close to this day.

Robert and Denise Will
Our names are Roy and Donna Huff, Richard Ruebel built our house in 1988, in Miami Florida, which we still live in. Best built house around. Testimonial is, when Hurricane Andrew hit back in 1992, our house was the only one standing with minimum damage, such as the roof tile, and some of our window's, no fault of the builder. Window's were not covered up, and nothing would had held as far as tile or shingles. We're very thankful that our friend was there for us, building our house, and fixing it after the worst hurricane that ever hit S. Florida

​My wife and I moved here from Southern California some 8 years ago and we met with a real estate agent to look for a lot to build a home. In the process we asked the realtor the following question. "If you were going to build a home who would you chose?" His answer came quick and he had no doubt that he would trust only one, Rick Ruebel. As we searched for lots we found one in Plantation Bay and we visited some homes in the Ormond area built by Rick. Needless to say, we did not need to search further. We met with Rick and we were impressed. When we started construction Rick stayed in constant contact with us and as the house was being built we could always find him at our lot making sure that every detail was managed the way we would want it managed. There were times when I accused Rick of living in our partially constructed home because he was there so much of the time. During the construction process I would call Rick in the evenings and would ask about some modifications and his answer was always, "let's meet first thing tomorrow at the property and we will talk about making this happen". It was such a comfort to have someone like Rick building our dream and retirement home.We have lived in a number of new homes over the years. At the end of construction we usually had a "punch out list" of things to be fixed after the house was complete. Sometimes this was two pages long. Ricks oversight of the construction was so detailed that when we were ready for closing, we had ONE small item that Rick personally fixed THAT DAY. Later after we had been in the house for 6 weeks or so, Rick came by to see how things were going for us in the new house. Even to this day I can call Rick and ask him about a project that I am working on and he is willing to help me figure out how to do the project. He does not need to do this, he is just a professional and a man I trust. We have been in the house for 8 years and we have not had a single problem. This did not happen by accident, it was attention to detail by our builder. Thank you Rick for building us such a wonderful, beautiful home!

Cliff and Ida Rhodes817 Millstream Lane, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
Mr. Ruebel built our new home in 2002. It was the modified Californianmodel. I had just gone through a bad experience with ICI with theconstructing of a new home in 1998 and wanted a builder that was "handson" and constructed homes with quality. Mr. Ruebel was at the homevarious times during the day, every day, and did all the work that ICIwould assign to a job foreman. ICI's job foreman would only show up if Iasked him to because I saw a problem.Mr. Ruebel's homes are constructed with exceptional quality and he isvery easy to work with in case you need changes.

Jack Karby
Dear Rick:As victims of Hurricane Andrew, we had a number of unpleasant experiences with building contractors, until you arrived on the scene.We found in you a person who listened to our wants, needs and expectations and did your best to satisfy our requirements at a reasonable cost.We found in you a craftsman that accepted nothing but excellence in the work of your subcontractors and excellence in the work that you performed yourself.We found in you a person who kept us up-to-date on the progress and expected completion dates of all aspects of the rebuilding process.We found in you someone that we think of very positively and will recommend without reservation to anyone that requires the services of an outstanding building contractor.

​Dan and Mary McIntyre
​Dear Rick,The concern and compassion you showed towards me and my family with regards to the destruction of our home and your commitment to rebuild it better then it was before Hurricane Andrew is in itself testimony to your character and professionalism as a general contractor. Even with what seemed like insurmountable road blocks that Dade County was throwing at people trying to rebuild from the devastation, you succeeded in meeting your schedule without compromising structure, finish or detail. My house today stands as the show piece of the neighborhood and to the envy of my neighbors, completed in half-the-time it took to rebuild their own homes. Thank you for restoring my home and some sanity back into what seems like an insane world. I found a contractor and a friend with RAR.Richard Bibber----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Rick,From prior to contract thru job completion you returned all calls and answered any questions promptly. Your schedules and paper work were handled efficiently and professionally. The respect from your workers and subcontractors displayed confidence in you and your abilities. We appreciate this opportunity to express our gratitude.

​Thank You,
Dean and Vickie Johnson
Dear Mr. Ruebel,I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of me and my family to thank you for a job well done! Being in real estate for 16 years, I've worked with many builders and am very familiar with construction. I selected you as my contractor because out of all the houses in my neighborhood, the two homes that I saw that you built, were the only two left that were left virtually without any damage after Hurricane Andrew. In all our despair to get our lives back in order, you went above and beyond your responsibilities, helping with our insurance company, getting us a generator, drying in our roof, even catching our dogs and returning them to us when they were miles from home. Not only did our house turn out gorgeous but my husband and I saw how you made sure everything was done correctly and if it wasn't done just right, you made the subs do it over until it was. I feel my house is much stronger than ever before and I know that if another hurricane as strong as Andrew should ever hit again, my family and I will be safe.The best part of all was being promised the house in January 93 and being ahead of schedule and being able to be in just before Christmas. Even if the boxes were not unpacked and all the lights were not on the tree, it still felt like we were home and it was the beginning of life back to normal.Once again, Mr. Ruebel, thanks for holding our hands thru it all and you can be sure that whenever someone says to me that they need a contractor, you will be the very first on my list!!

​Patty Redlich
Dear Rick,We were very pleased with the way the addition project was handled by you. You were considerate of our concerns about dust and dirt and made extra effort to keep it clean as much as possible, even by coming in and vacuuming up after the subcontractors had left for the day. Your scheduling of work was excellent, keeping everything progressing without conflicts and letting us know what was scheduled for the following days. The quality of the work is excellent and we have a nice master bath addition (relocated) to show for it.If we ever have more remodeling to do, we would certainly want you to bid on it.

Mr. & Mrs. Conley Stallard
Dear Rick,Alisa and I wanted to thank you once again for the fine job that you did in building our home.The genuine concern and care that you put into your work are evident in the finished product. In fact, Alisa's father, a Commercial Contractor for over 25 years, remarked that we could not have had any better attention to detail on our home.Equally important to us, was the professional way in which you handled the draw schedule and invoicing of the project. We were comfortable every step of the way, and were appreciative of the manner in which you kept us informed.We wish you the best of luck in your future business, and will be more than happy to speak to any of your prospective customers regarding your work on our home.

Best Regards,
​Steve Ascik
​Dear Rick,You are a caring contractor who puts high emphasis on customer satisfaction. You have excellent communication skills which is an important requirement when doing business, especially when building ones home. Richard, you kept us informed through-out the building process and completed our home early. You under took many changes to please us. You certainly have our recommendation should anyone ask.

Mr. and Mrs. Buttery
To whom this may concern;In reference to Richard Ruebel owner of Richard A. Ruebel General Contractor, Inc., we have only to words.HE CARES.

Mr. & Mrs. Cavanaugh
Dear Rick,We just can't thank you enough for all the time, patience and effort you put into building our home. We were so fortunate to have found you and that you agreed to build our home. We are so overwhelmed with how we feel about you and your work that it is difficult to put into words. However, we will try.First of all you really went out of your way to give us what we wanted and then some! Nothing was ever too much trouble for you. You never said "that can't be done"....Those words are not in your vocabulary. You always found a way and through it all remained most pleasant and cooperative. We could always find you at the site making sure everything was done properly by your workers. You were the consummate professional and at the same time, a warm and caring person.We also appreciate the fact that you answered all of our inquiries "honestly" and fairly". In fact, you "yourself" fulfilled many of the small request Frank and I made. The subs you used were not only proficient but friendly and cooperative with us.Thanks too for all the wonderful little "Ruebel" touches that makes our home stand out from the rest. We are so proud of our home and you should be just as proud. We received so many compliments on our home and you deserve all the credit. We will be forever grateful to you Rick because not only do we own a beautiful, well-built home, we also gained a valued friend.We are now, and will remain true champions of Richard A. Ruebel, "Preferred Builder" for that is exactly what you are!Thank you so much for building our "dream" home but mostly, thanks for being who you are. We will always be grateful to you.

Most Sincerely,
​Frank and Marie MentoPalm Coast, Florida
RAR homes just did a major rebuild for me in Ormond Beach. I love the beautiful and professional job Rick and his company performed. I have told many people that I would definitely choose RAR again for any work I needed. They are very professional and ethical.

​Thank you Rick!
Kay Duff
​“Richard  A. Ruebel General  Contractors built  our first home at 4046 N Chinook Ln, Ormond Beach FL.  The quality of the  home and Rick's attention to detail exceeded our expectations.  At the time  of construction, we lived 1,500 miles away in the Republic of Panama  and the entire process from start to finish went flawlessly due to  Rick advising us throughout the process and helping us make choices that  eliminated unnecessary costs, while ensuring we received a beautiful, well built  home.  We could not have been more pleased with the decision to use Rick as  our builder”.  

​Richard  and Yovi Wainio
Testimonial for Richard A. Ruebel    

In 2010 we had a home built in Halifax Plantation by Rick Ruebel.  We were living 1,000 miles away in Illinois during the construction, and we were so pleased with Rick's communication during that entire time.   You called and he either answered right away or called you right back.  We had NO sleepless nights.  Since we were not able to be there to oversee the construction of our home, we totally relied on his integrity, honesty, and workmanship - and our trust paid off.  Friends living there had taken occasional photos for us, and we were always pleasantly surprised by the unusual cleanliness of the worksite.  He used excellent subcontractors.  When we moved into our home and were able to talk with neighbors and compare, we realized first-hand that we had the BEST builder in Volusia County.  Rick does what he says he'll do - builds quality, does it right the first time, and stands behind anything that needs to be changed or addressed.  There is no question that we would do it all again, but ONLY if our builder could be Richard A. Ruebel.    

​  Bill and Mimi Hunter                                     

February 2, 2014

​To Whom It May Concern:

Speech Works Pediatric Therapy recently opened a second office location in Ormond Beach.  Initially I was hesitant to choose the commercial property we eventually chose because it would require a complete build out.  The idea of a build out sounded like a lengthy and stressful project to take on.As it turned out, the process was simple and seamless.  Richard was always available by phone or email, and anytime I stopped by the construction site, he was there in person making sure every stage of the build out was perfect!  I can actually say I ENJOYED being  part of the process.  I ended up getting exactly what I envisioned and at a more affordable cost than the four other general contractors who provided estimates for the job.I would not hesitate to work with Richard Ruebel again and I very highly recommend him to anyone else.  THANK YOU RICHARD!  I love our new office.

Sincerely,Karen Horton M.A. CCC-SLPOwner, Speech Works Pediatric Therap


Tomoka Spine & Posture Institute 

Dear Richard,

You have made our dreams come true, from the planning to the completion you have been superior.  Your services and skills allowed our business to come to fruition.  The most impressive part of the process was you taking the time to meet with me at my place of employment to see all of the aspects of a working medical office to ensure all the details were up to par from treatment rooms to radiology and even the proper electrical requirements for the equipment. 


Dr. Kwiatlowski